Ultimate – 90 Mins

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The ultimate flight experience! 90 minutes of pure unadulterated aviation excitement! Become fully immersed in the world’s best entertainment simulator.

– World’s No. 1 Flight Simulator Experience:
– Certified by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for pilot training
– Boeing ‘Officially Licensed Product’
– Spectacular High Definition (HD) visuals
– Great family fun, passengers fly for free!
– No experience necessary – over 180,000 totally satisfied flyers

With the Ultimate Package, you’ll experience the full joy of flying. Captains can choose from some of our fantastic options below:

Ultimate Circuits:
Develop and perfect your take-off and landings by flying circuits. Challenge yourself with an in-flight emergency or flying one of the world’s most dangerous approaches in stormy weather! Can you cope under the pressure?

Sector Flight and Circuits:
Experience flying a full city-to-city Sector Flight following real-life airline procedures and then challenge yourself with take-offs and landings into some of the world’s most challenging airports.

Ultimate Sector Flight:
For the serious aviator. Fly a full city-to-city Sector Flight in real-time following real-world airline procedures. This package includes full cockpit orientation, route briefing, entering data into the Flight Management Computer, and executing checklists.