Our Fear of Flying course is specially designed to help individuals overcome their apprehension towards flying. The course encompasses a comprehensive approach including educational components about aviation safety, the mechanics of flying, detailed explanations on airline safety procedures and common causes of flight anxiety. This is coupled with strategies to manage flying anxiety. In addition, we include practical experience in our flight simulators (in the pilot's seat or as an observer) to familiarize you with the aircraft environment and flight safety procedures.

The One-on-One program is led by experienced pilots and therapeutic coaches who work collaboratively to provide a supportive and informative experience. The duration, structure, and specific content of the course can be tailored to individual needs to ensure the most beneficial and comfortable experience for each participant.

Some of our amazing feedback

“Being able to gain an understanding of aeronautics from an aviation professional – in his case, a former Cathay Pacific pilot – was the most valuable part of the experience."

“It’s as if the space in my head once taken up by blind terror is now occupied by a kind of personalised flight manual.”

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