Our latest addition is a pair of incredible military-inspired, ejection seat style, Virtual Reality military jet simulators. Step into the world of military aviation and pilot a wide variety of aircraft through various challenges and locations. From the valleys of the Grand Canyon to the skyscrapers of New York City, experience flight from a whole new perspective.

The Mission:

Experience flying a variety of military or civilian aircraft in different global locations. Attempt multiple flying challenges that will test your skills: fly through the valleys of the Grand Canyon, between the snow-capped Austrian Alps on approach into Innsbruck, or fall in love with the night lights in Paris before flying under the Eiffel Tower. Low clouds, poor visibility, or strong crosswind approaches? Bring them on. Then, if you feel up to the task, attempt the world's most dangerous approach into Lukla, Nepal!

Experience duration: 30 or 45 Minutes including a short pre-flight briefing

From $65 SGD

*The above only serves as an example of what can be done in each experience. Your experience may differ as it is tailored to you and may change due to your own requests or other restrictions.

Location Note:

These experiences take place at our new location at Funan Mall, not at our normal location at the Singapore Flyer. For more information on locating us, please click here.